Frontend United copenhagen 2014

15 August 2014 mortendk

Welcome back from yer summer vacation. Now its time t' get out o' th' sun, an' get indoors an' geekin' out!
Its gonna be th' fifth time fer Frontend Drupal Badass'es that we gather an' discuss & talk Drupal Frontend. We have done this since 2010 (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London) an' now its time fer th' bike lovin' city o' copenhagen t' again host a little Drupal Event.

Language, Twitter, Misunderstanding & Drupal Community

13 June 2014 mortendk 117 comments

At Drupalcon in Austin I took on th' mechanical bull, Ya swabbie! I ended up losin' miserably. Not surprisingly, it were bein' recorded an' sent out t' th' world, I'll warrant ye. Because o' me epic fail on th' bull, one o' me maties in Sweden (I’m Danish) afterwards called me out on Twitter with th' #drupalcon hashtag an' called me a “pussy".

Drupal8 theme debug

11 April 2014 mortendk 6 comments

I would lie (an' would i lie t' ye ?) if it say that im not extremely excited about themin' in Drupal8. One th' bigger painpoints in Drupal themin' is figurin' out where th' markup is generated from, me Jolly Roger In Drupal8 we have build that directly in, i did a little screencast o' it & damn its awesome.

Themer Survey 2014

7 April 2014 mortendk

Dear Themer we th' Drupaltwig group need some answers & advice from all o' our lubber Drupalistas - We want t' make sure that we be creatin' a theme system that lives up t' th' wishes o' all Drupal8 users - but especially us themers ;)

fields theming in Drupal8, kill the divitis

1 April 2014 mortendk

I finally got t' take a long & hard look at fields an' why they have so much divitis + a solution o' how t' change it fer Drupal8, Dance the Hempen Jig It ended up beein' a ton o' markup & css examples on a flat html page
take a look please provide feedback, here or on th' issue or at me twitter etc.

DC Prague Community summit & Future of Drupal Events.

30 August 2013 mortendk 4 comments
Im crazy excited about a specific change that DrupalCon is rolling out this year in Prague : The Community Summit on monday 23 september the day before DrupalCon (same time as the Codesprint & CxO)

The Drupal Community & th' Druapl Association ( wtf! ) is takin' a tough but necessary decision: kill th' community track at DrupalCon - replace it with somethin' that works.

Dear Drupal Association

30 September 2012 mortendk 18 comments

Dear Drupal Association - ye do know that I love ye, but i have t' get this off me chest, shiver me timbers I have been critical, shouted, pleaded,cried, demanded, wished an' I once (almost) gave up! And hoist the mainsail! I have tried all th' ways I could t' open up ye eyes, Hornswaggle Even that i disagree with so many thin's ye do - Im still lovin' ye.
Prepare to be boarded!

You have done good!

DrupalPicchu 2014

27 September 2012 mortendk 37 comments

I cant keep me admiration fer th' South American Drupal Community down, by Davy Jones' locker! Both me arms be in th' air. The reaction o' th' cancelation o' DrupalCon Sao Paulo is t' take matters into own hands, an' settin' sails fer a 500-1000 attendees South American Drupal Event: DrupalPicchu in January 2014 “To celebrate th' freedom an' cultural diversity o' th' Drupal Community.”

This is what the Drupal Association needs

24 September 2012 mortendk 39 comments

Its time fer th' electin' th' 2 members that can help th' Drupal Association as they asked: … th' community is asked t' step in with strategic direction an' new an' fresh ideas through th' nomination an' election o' at-large community representatives. In th' last 6 years o' hard community work ive gathered ideas & concepts that I truly beliv

Tonight on Meet the candidates!

19 September 2012 mortendk 62 comments

Tonight at 22:00 CET im gonna be at “meet th' candites” call, where ye can ask me an' me lubber 5 candidates all th' thin's ye wanna know. Prepare to be boarded! Fx. why each o' us will be perfect candidates as th' Communitys Voice on th' Drupal Associations board, or who makes th' best coffe or whatever, and a bucket o' chum.

Nay seriously ye should drop by th' call an' listen in.

What are we voting for - all the things!

18 September 2012 mortendk 11 comments

Its now time fer th' yearly election o' 2 Drupal Community members t' step on th' Drupal Association board - Heres a quick n dirty run down & is why ye have t' vote: It has been decided that if ye DONT vote fer th' Drupal Associations Community members ye be not allowed fer th' next year t' complain, moan or cry o'er anythin' Drupal related - If ye do vote ye have that right!

the second rate citizens of drupalcon

14 May 2012 mortendk 53 comments

Today th' Drupal association presented a new initiative fer gettin' more students & grow th' talent pool fer th' Drupal Project. This is done by settin' x number th' tickets fer Drupalcon munich t' half price o' th' 400€ - well that is if ye're a student. This raises big problems about th' future th' event I see as th' Heart & Soul o' th' Drupal Community.

DrupalCamp Göthenburg 2012

12 May 2012 mortendk 7 comments

Apparently me reputation is not as bad as i have feared!

Kiss My Sass - Community Day 2012

10 May 2012 mortendk 7 comments

I did a talk at th' Yearly CommunityDay Event in copenhagen A cozy leaned back tech event sponsored by microsoft. This time instead o' just standin' n talkin' smack with Mr Hartvig Umbraco I got booked t' do a little talk about th' css preprocessor SASS.

Frontend United We came to Rock!

24 April 2012 mortendk 20 comments

This weekend we had th' first Frontend United (FU) conferences- th' logical successor t' th' European baased "Drupal Design Camp" thats th' European answer t' Design 4 Drupal, where we wanna focus harder on Developerment than on Design, cause ye might not know it - but Drupal themin' is actully a ton o' development where we dont use an ide!

HTML4 S - slides from drupalcon

21 March 2012 mortendk 5 comments

So im here in Denver, all tired after a first great great day at Drupalcon here in Denver
As promised heres me slides from th' html4S session:

Thanx ye all that came & watched it seemed like ye all enjoyed it :)
& check out th'

Frontend United 2012

11 January 2012 mortendk 5 comments

The European Drupal Design Camp have now officially changed its name t' "Frontend United"
This time its gonna be th' epic city o' Amsterdam, that will follow up th' last 2 camps in Berlin & Prague
If ye take Amsterdam add a little Drupal & put some Frontend Love on top - What can then possible go wrong?

Time for the IE7 tax :)

4 January 2012 mortendk 19 comments

Hello IE7 it were bein' nice knowin' ye - but Enough is enough so now from 2012 me or me company geek Royale wont support ie7 fer clients unless they be willin' t' pay fer that "extra service".

Heya Display Suite

14 November 2011 mortendk 7 comments

Sometimes ye get a really good question like: "Avast morten can ye come an' speak about some cool stuff at Drupalcamp Stockholm" see if theres a thin' I can do & do it kinda okay - then its talkin' fer days about cool stuff - The coolest stuff imho in th' drupal world is offcourse Display Suite - yup its not th' mothership its epic cool 24-7-365!

Dogme11.11.11 -a Vow of frontend Chastity

11 November 2011 mortendk 12 comments

Sometimes it happens that a talk about "all thats wrong" fires up me mind - Tonight were bein' one o' those nights, feed the fishes I sat down, dropped th' sleep & plotted out a very rough draft fer a Dogme Ruleset. Its been discussed numerous times o'er th' last 3 years in quite dark corners, betwixt those called themers in th' Drupalsphere that thar needed t' be somekind o' manifest.

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