17 August 2010 mortendk
Here comes the Awesomesauce Today they came the first 1000 bottles of beer for Drupalcon Copenhagen I give you the Awesomesauce

This is probably the craziest project I have ever thrown myself into... NOT counting the epic 3 some the last 6 months:
1. Getting a kid (3 month prematur)
2. Being the local lead for a 1000+ attendees conference AND
3. doing that while im running my Drupal Theming & design shop geek Röyale.

What a beer?

Back in April I announced at DrupalCon San Francisco, in front of that amazing 3000 persons crowd - that the DrupalCon would be next in Copenhagen, and because we wants to make a kick ass conference, we would brew our own beer for the conference, and not just any beer it needs to be world class, and give you a smile on your face... it needed to be Awesome!

And the fact that if we wants to top in the Drupalcons we need to really kick it up a bit ;)

This is actually an easy thing to do here in copenhagen, we do indeed have a lot of good breweries, but my locale one really stands out: Mikkeller (not counting the other local one - Carlsberg) - and offcourse if you know the right people, have the balls, talk others into the idea oooh and get it done.
I have more than once been sweating over this project (its not everyday i order 5000 beers, and pays for them)

That name "AwesomeSauce"

Well besides of sounding Übercool, there is actually some meaning with the name, yup many dont belive it but I actually do think about some off The stuff - really I do (yups its not all code-design-sex-rocknroll-strippers-screamingatdevelopers-and-having-akick-ass-time ;)
Awesomesauce is that secret thing that makes everything goes a bit smoother, from good to awesome.
you can almost hear it from the BBQ "this just need some awesomesauce and its ready"

So i really think we need that in the drupal community. Oh... and off course that thing that Drupalistas really wanna have a good time, and a kinda thirsty ;)

Story time:

Way back in november 2009, when we finally got the word from the Drupal Association, I met mikkel (owner at Mikkeller) at Cafe Ørsted, and just for fun asked him if I could them to make me a beer for a conference.
Now suddenly it was in May. So it was about time to get that beer idea back into work. Especially now that I promised that in front of everyone in San Francisco! (sometimes i really think that I should learn to keep my ideas inside my head).
Well just brewing a beer for a lot of people isnt that hard actually, its just a Question of money & somewhere to sell it!
So what the hell let me just go across the street from my office to the Mikkeller bar, let me figure it out... how it should taste and find a number of beers, I mean how hard can that be? coughs

hey ho lets go!

I had some money in the bank, and the price we agreed upon, then even if no one liked the beer I would not be bankrupt & would just be the lucky owner of 5000 bottles of beer. How we came to the number 5000, well it just came outta my mouth ;)
The taste of the beer was pretty easy, it should be a Hoppy ale, not a "real IPA" it should be a beer that everyone could drink, and the IPA's mikkeller is doing are 8-10% alchohol, so if this beer was men't to be sold at the conference, it should not put you to sleep - Let the speakers about that ;)
If theres one brewery in the world that can make a hoppy beer then its Mikkeller, so the taste of it was a no-brainer. The order went something like this "could we base it on the screaming banshee: Nelson-Souvin & my nemesis Simcoe hops and then kick it hard in the ass with the dry hops as you did with the american Dream" Thats how to order 5000 bottles of beer!

The first thing the GF asked me when I came home and told that I ordered 5000 bottles of awesomesauce beer for drupalcon:

"you didnt put out all the money youself - did you" ... I lied.

I still think she's laughing inside of my boyish innocent face, when she asked me, guess we both knew that i was doing this nomatter what.

Local community Sponsors

So now I had ordered 5000 bottles of beer, and needed to figure out how to get them to the attendees Drupalcon copenhagen, and off course to figure out a way to make sure i got the money back. I posted a picture on twitter & Facebook of the prototype of the Label, and it didn't take more than 24 hours before local Danish Drupalshops (and the good awesome friends in sweden) men't that was a very worthy cause to back up, so the back label now has a bunch of logos for each of these good drupalshops:

They all smacked in a bunch of money in & belived my word that it was an Awesome beer and it would taste perfect! So this now went from beeing my pet project to a thing from the danish/swedish to the rest of the Drupal Community. I dont think word can descripe how happy I am that these 6 Companies belived in my idea & concept, a huuuuge thank you!

Come get some awesomsauce

Distributing you own beer is not something you just do, and especially NOT if youre in a big convention center like the Bella center that were having the Drupalcon in. I had hoped that we could sell it out at the Drupalcon, but no no not unless i wanna give a corkprice per bottle that is absurd, so instead there will only be 2 places where you can get the Awesomesauce:


Im co-arranging the very first breWWW event this saturday at 16:00
The event is a combination of beer tasting and short geek talks, and afterwards we will have the reception for the awesomesauce.
So come and se history in the making

at the foobar

At the fooBAR - the official after hours bar for the Drupalcon Copenhagen - It will offcourse be possible to buy the awesomesauce, but not only one, it will only sell in "Four packs" why? Because we wanna make people give awemosauce to each other, so buy 4 and give some some beer love to your friends.

Im looking forward to sharing a Awesomesauce with you my friend


[...] Awesomesauce! | – view page – cached Here comes the Awesomesauce Today they came the first 1000 bottles of beer for Drupalcon Copenhagen I give you the Awesomesauce Tweets about this link [...]

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Janny 25 August, 2014 - 14:47


Nuff said, can't wait to try it

Seutje 18 August, 2010 - 00:59

available in the States/NYC?

Can my local specialty Beer Shoppe to order this? If so, who do I tell them to contact?

Anonymous 18 August, 2010 - 01:07

nopes we got em all

Its mikkeller who did em and normally he got a couple of cases, that might could be shipped . But we got it all for the conference. I have no idea if we will sell em all out. if that dosnt happend Then we will try something about sending some of them around (after we split it between the sponsors) but handling that shit is a pain in the ass. So i really hope for a total sell out.

We are gonna sell em in cases at the Release party Event, so get some one to buy em and send them ;)

Am i hoping this is sets the bar for the next drupalcon ... bet ya!

mortendk 18 August, 2010 - 01:18

I need a friend in Denmark ASAP!

I'm sure you guys will sell out fast. You probably will already do this but I'd keep a few as collectors items. Such a great idea! Copenhagen's totally gonna Drock!

Anonymous 18 August, 2010 - 01:34
BRETLEE0035 18 March, 2013 - 12:11


[...] Es hat dank Morten DK eine eigene Biersorte die Awesomesauce! [...]


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Awesomesauce! | Great Wines 18 August, 2010 - 20:06

So there

Morten this is sick! I can't wait. Sign me up for Saturday. Hopefully I will have had a nap and ready to party. ;-)

Nate Haug 19 August, 2010 - 08:27

how about a recipe?

In the spirit of open source, I declare that Awesome Sauce should be open sourced. Do you think Mikkeller would go for it?

Anonymous 25 August, 2010 - 22:58


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so nice friend

I'm sure you guys will sell

I'm sure you guys will sell out fast. You probably will already do this but I'd keep a few as collectors items. Such a great idea! Copenhagen's totally gonna Drock!

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