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7 January 2011 mortendk

To celebrate the Drupal7 release over 100 partys worldwide will take place tomorrow Friday 7. january. just 2 days after the Release of Drupal7 In copenhagen we will go nutter in champagne, cocktails & Drupal7 an epic combination.

pst... What did you do for D7

Its been to years since the mighty @webchick got the torch & I must say im very happy about the way a'lot turned out: especially the openness & communication towords us who dont gives a ratts ass about database connections & security patches, but wanna make sites that:
* Looks the way the designer made in photoshop/Fireworks
* With Designers who really dont care about anything else than how epic Helvetica is.
* That Developers can work on afterwards
* with css & markup thats smooth as cream
Well se over the months how it really turned out ;)

So what did I do for Drupal7 - well 2 things:
1. Had the discussion with webchick in Paris (2009) over a year ago about html.tpl.php and if and whys and back n forth...
2.Nothing else beside some community organistaion work, a couple of camps here n there & a small 1200 attendes conference (btw Drupal Association, thanx for not mentioning Drupalcon Copenhagen as one of the big things in 2010...seriously?)

Drupal 7 on Ruby

Here in wönderfull Drupalhagen we have thrown together a little thing both to enlighten the masses & have a small little party - cause thats the way we roll baby!
So if you have nothing better todo (you dont!) then you should come by and listen to 4 Quick sessions about Drupal7
This will be the first time i only talks for 15 minutes, and maybe even presents in a tie (!) or in the nude, Who knows?

When were done with the serous stuff, well take over a bar that we thinks will fit Drupal7 pretty good: Ruby Bar in central copenhagen (besides the fun in having it on Ruby... ahem gets it ruby, drupal php?) and start the The Danish Drupal Associations Official Kickass Party

Four of the Finest Danish (and a swedish) DrupalShops found the wallet and are pushing a ton of Kroner into the bar so there will be (some) champagne & Drinks etc

Reload, ProPeople, nodeone & the mighty themeshop geek Röyale (yup thats me)

Why Ruby and not one of the usual superbad worldclass beerbars, well Drupal7 is a shift in many ways So we had to do something different, D7 got some much needed ux & design love , so to reflect that & keep the expected level of awesomesauce we thought that Ruby should fit our demands for perfection :)

If you decided to drop by for the presentations its
Friday january 7 13:45
Berlingske Media
Pilestræde 34
DK-1147 København K

Please signup So we have an idea

If you prefere champagne, drinks & hot Drüpal Love (I know you do) We are at
Nybrogade 10
1203 Copenhagen

From around 16:30

If youre not in DrupalHagen well fear not theres a party near you somewhere


I know another thing u did

I know another thing u did for Drupal 7: inspire ppl, just saying...

rock on!

seutje 7 January, 2011 - 01:43


Drupalcon Copenhagen was epic. Everyone who went knows that. Who can forget Morten and Isabel coming out to the theme of Rocky. And the Kitten Killers closer. And Amitaibu's OG session. Thanks for all you do.

moshe weitzman 7 January, 2011 - 23:35

Drupal has always been

Drupal has always been hosting the best and unforgettable parties ever! Had a blast! And what else can I say? D7 was as awesome as always.

Painted Desert Las Vegas

Michelle Sterling 12 October, 2011 - 13:51
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i went from journey to damn yankees Think i need a beer pretty soon 1 year 46 weeks ago

good Stüff

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