DC Prague Community summit & Future of Drupal Events.

30 August 2013 mortendk
Im crazy excited about a specific change that DrupalCon is rolling out this year in Prague : The Community Summit on monday 23 september the day before DrupalCon (same time as the Codesprint & CxO)

The Drupal Community & the Druapl Association ( wtf! ) is taking a tough but necessary decision: kill the community track at DrupalCon - replace it with something that works.
The community track is a thing that apparently "everybody" wanted & screamed about how important it was - but NOBODY attended the sessions. That had to change, its a waste of good conference space, a waste of the presenters time & did anything actually came out of it?
Lets be real here: DrupalCon attendees wanna geek out! - not attend hippie hugging sessions. If the choice is between learning the awesome new theme system for Drupal8, geeeking out with Drush for 2 hours OR goto a talk about "creating passionated developers" - Then its proven by numbers what will happen (11 people attended that session btw)

Now the space is used for sessions & to embrace the need for community talks the DA have expanded the conference so we now have a "Community Summit"

The day is roughly 2 different parts:
1. Focus on getting stuff done.
2. Future of Drupal Events (4+ hours of brain storming, discussions & solutions)

The future or DrupalEvents

The future of Drupal Events workshop will be 4 connected discussions, brainstorming & solutions about the future of planning events in the Drupal Community.

Its of no surprise that the gatherings are extremely important for the Drupalverse(™) its about time that we take a day out of the calendar learn, discuss, plan & figure out how we take the events to the next level, both on local, national & international level.

We expect that local organisers (& attendees!) will participate and bring their dreams, fears, war stories expertise & dreams to help us organise better events in the future.

the #WTF & #epicwins

Answer the question "what was you biggest WTF & epicwin" at a community event - What did you learn from the wtf & epic win.
Dont worry all names & events will be kept a secret - What happens at "community summit the day before drupalcon" … will stay in our minds forever ;)

OMG it was the Best Drupal event eva!

In the perfect world where the sun always shines, you code is error free & the coffee is warm - How would an Drupal Event look like.
Let us roll out the idea's for the best event ever - Doesn't matter if its a camp, camping, con, meet up, code sprint etc. What are the goals we should strive after.
ps: we can cross of being the largest open source conference in the world ;)

Right here right now - Large(r) scale events

There s bunch of exiting events coming up in the very near future - both here in europe but also World Wide.
They do require more planning than a "simple camp" -

  • Drupal8 release - how do we make that work on a global scale.
  • Sponsors, how to not bleed em out
  • whats the purpose of DDD & FU
  • Can we use the Drupal Association for anything (yes this is a trick question.) organza

Charter Building - Europe: the final countdown (15:00 - 16:00)

(sorry couldn't resist the title)
3 years ago was the first official meet up between representatives of the European Drupal Community in copenhagen. since then we have had a loose communication going on in a mail list, its been unformalised & had a role of grey eminence - trying to make sure we didn't step on each other toes by arranging DrupalCamps on top of each other.

At the same time there have been "some problems" making communication to work with the DA in portland - how do we fix this?

This discussion will take europe as an example but should be a principal discussion of how to make regions coordinate & work. So this could be moved to fx the US and copied & changed into working in their local

Target Audience:

Drupal Events organisers attendees with ideas, those that wanna listen in to a long day of a deep look into the future of our Drupal Events & off course if you wanna get into doing events - this would be a good place to start.

Whatta ya waiting for - a written invitation?

Community Summit Program

warning this is (probably) gonna change

8:00: Registration
9:00: Welcome
9:30: Presentation of the working groups Lightning talk style
10:00: Defining goals for groups + caffeeine
11:45: Grap Lunch
12:00 - 13:00 timeslot 1:
* Future of Drupal events: share the WTF & epicwins
* Work groups: …work

13:00 - 14:00 timeslot 2:
* Future of Drupal events: Best camp eva!
* Work groups: …work

14:00 - 15:00 timeslot 3:
* Future of Drupal events: Right here Right now!
* Work groups: …work

1600: 17:00 timeslot 4:
* Future of Drupal events: Charter building?
* Work groups: …work

17:00 - 18:00 Sharing & Wrap up
Share of each group’s work + Wrap-up

**Post drink & food (*) **
18:00 - 19:00 Drinks Corinthia Hotel Bar
19:30 - late Community Dinner (mortendk & marek booked a whole restaurant 10 minutes from the venue, details follow)

Signup & lets push the community forward - Next stop is Total World Domination!


  • Morten & addi talks community summit on module unraveled
  • DrupalCon prague post
  • Announcement on Prague site:


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