Dear Drupal Association

30 September 2012 mortendk

Dear Drupal Association - you do know that I love you, but i have to get this off my chest. I have been critical, shouted, pleaded,cried, demanded, wished and I once (almost) gave up! I have tried all the ways I could to open up you eyes. Even that i disagree with so many things you do - Im still loving you.

You have done good!

I know all the good you have done for Drupal, that you keep the servers running, have a kickass infrastructure team, a staff that can do all the boring stuff, DrupalCons that are working, scholarships, cultivation grands, bizconnect etc, all that stuff that “just works” without all that we would not even be here - So dont think im just an ungrateful idealist I do see all the good you are doing.
With all this good stuff why do we have a community that's Angered, frustrated and dont feel they you are there for us? Why does it looks more like frustration, when it should be love, kisses & hugs? Is the community just ungrateful, not understanding and demanding fools? What happend the last couple of years, what went wrong between us?

Why is there no love?

South America is running off on their own, fired up by the recent events in Sao Paul - understandable if the tale is true: “DA was spoon feeding their DrupalCon down our throats”
The Europeans feels “The DA is US centric” and theres been talking of forking an European organization & drupalCon alternatives. I guess we all know that its dumb to fork right? (right!?)
What I hear from the US rumour mill, is pretty much the same tale “Fuck em” they are not here for us anyway - unless youre an enterprise suit.
I have no idea what’s going on in Asia/pacific/Australia, but I do hope that its not the same feel over there.
Maybe its just a couple of loud mouthed unreasonable people, and its nothing - then I just wonder why I keep hearing it, out there in the “community”. I wonder dont you know or dont hear it? If you hear it isnt that heartbreaking to you?

14.4 thats not enough bandwidth

I think that you put to much on your broad shoulders. That’s what created the tensions from the community that feels ignored. The workload of creating an organization, moving it from Brussels to Portland, the servers, the legal stuff, the conferences (with all the usual drama) So in the process you forgot all about the shoulders you are standing on: the Drupal Community

I understand you got frustrated by a community that lacked understanding of what you're doing, so the critical voices got ignored, and fails was hidden by “we can't please everybody”, instead of learning by mistakes.

I wonder how your staff in portland are keeping their heads up these days, the postman should bring chocolate for the staff from grateful members, They are working for a frustrated group (as the community seems to be) I am grateful that you found a staff that could take that pressure :)

Dri.. Drupal Heres my axe

Its not easy creating a party where the suits & the tree hugging hippies can dance together, its probably as hard as making that CMS “that sucks less than all the others”.

So what im saying Drupal Association you not that bad! You just forgot the community (ups!) in the process of creating a base of something that can be awesome. If the community & members doesnt matter, then be honest about it! Then I can pass the roses and late night love songs to someone else that cares.

I came for the Code 6 years ago and I stayed for the community (i hated the markup) I hope you have the guts to take a step back and reload, else this will be a bad romance and I really wanna hold hands with you again :)

So what is gonna be?


Dont forget to Vote (yes i am running)

So what is DA for?

So what is DA for? To what extent is its thinking aligned with the team of kex people, many of them now associated with Acquia, and to what extent with the tree-hugging hippies?

Sorry to be so dense. I have pad my Inidividual DA subs, have used Drupal for over 2.5 years, make part of my living from it, have been to two DrupaCons (at my own expense, no employer to buy my ticket!) and some local events, and have actively contributed to Drupal every day for 18 months (not code, though...but a checkable contribution, if anyone wants to know) so I feel I can qualify to be on the fringes of the community rather than a complete outsider.

But I have no real idea of what DA is supposed to do (apart from organize DrupalCon and 'promote Drupal'). i had no idea DA had moved to Portland, and was horrified to hear it from your post because it suggests and unhealthily close assocation with Acquia. I tell my clients Acquia are the best... So it is not a criticism of Acquia when I say that a very close alignment of Drupal and Acquia could strengthen both both, but, (though the Drupal communitiy leaders may find it hard to see why) such an alignment also threatens to destroy both. As a semi-outside observer, I am optimistic about Drupal 8 (but worried about upgrade path). And yet, as someone well above the average Drupaller age, with more experience in business, local politics and law than in software, I begin to wonder how sustainable the Drupal project and community are. This is a pity because Drupal does inspirte intense loyalty, 'love' even.

The fact someone like me, who DOES read d.o. and Planet Drupal daily, is unaware of what is going on, suggests that communication could be better.

You have said in the above post that you are concerned, so on a more positive note, what would you like to see change, and what needs to happen to bring that about?

BTW text / background colour contrast in your cmment box is not not great for people with weaker eyes, so apolitiges for any typos.

John_B 1 October, 2012 - 09:03


Hey John
I do have a "some" things to say about DA and better ways of communication & put up a list here, of what i think they should do:

I dont have the big Acquia is gonna come and take us problem (and acquia hq is btw in boston)

yup i know my site sucks - its 3+ year old design & it worked good back then, in a week or so the redesign & convertion of data should be up :)

mortendk 1 October, 2012 - 19:21

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BRETLEE0035 18 March, 2013 - 12:33


Morten - I'm still digesting a lot of what you put in your post, but to stay general, I think you point out an important issue: the DA has done some great work, but the community doesn't know about this great work because the communication about it has been weak. This poor communication damages the standing of the DA in the eyes of the community. In reality, the DA has been great at supporting and shepherding community resources in ways that were not possible pre-DA (and I've been in the community since before the DA came into existence).

Unfortunately, the DA is most visible when there is a blow up in the community (one more obvious/recent example, the cancellation of DC Sao Paolo) - when something goes wrong, the cry of "where is the DA" is very loud - and, as you point out, the folks within the DA are often too busy doing the work to talk about the work they are doing.

In short, from my observations, the DA is in a thankless position: when things go well, it's the community. When things go poorly, it's the DA. Unfortunately, the communications from the DA have been sub par for a long time, which complicates the situation.

RE this line from the first comment: " i had no idea DA had moved to Portland, and was horrified to hear it from your post because it suggests and unhealthily close assocation with Acquia."

The fact that both the DA and Acquia are in Portland has nothing to do with an "unhealthily close" relationship between these two organizations. Acquia's main offices are in Massachusetts, Acquia's offices and the DA offices are in entirely different parts of town. I'm also in Portland, and I see folks from Acquia on a semi-regular basis, and folks from the DA rarely (usually at community events). There are a large number of Drupal shops in the Portland area; many of us have been involved in Drupal for a while. But the fact that both the DA and Acquia have offices in Portland is more a reflection of the open source roots in Portland than any unhealthy overlap between the DA and Acquia.

Bill Fitzgerald 1 October, 2012 - 17:21

the DA could be in the best position

Its all about removing all the BS, Making people feel like they are heard & reacting to what is said. If you have to take decisions that are unpopular, or can seem dumb You explain it to the community, simple as that

If the DA was proactive with the community -went out and said "yes we know that this X can seem like a problem but this is why we did it ..." Then we could remove 47% of the bullshit & the rumors. If the DA gave the community the feeling of a listening part instead of the silent treatment, now enough people have had the same feeling of, then it gets hard to ignore.

So simply change that be more open, then all the good would not be cluttered up with the hordes of angry & frustrated people

Sao Paulo is not just a little incident a part of the discussion is over here:
Here the DA is providing the transparency that its believed they dont have (meeting minuts) which is really great :)

All in all i truly belive its "small things" that needs to change and that would make it possible for the DA to be in the best position. They are simply in a hole right now, and could just stop digging :)

mortendk 1 October, 2012 - 20:46

So I was wrong in thinking

So I was wrong in thinking that DA is closely aligned with those leading contributors who are connected with Acquia. Well, I still have no idea why the move to Portland, but I guess I could research the point.

Thanks for the links. I have read the first one. There is scope for more active cmmunication to assist people like me who joined, and visit d.o. daily, but still have proved slow to grasp what is going on! I am not sure why d.o., g.d.o, and a.d.o. do not work better than they do at communicating. Somehow they are not a good advertisement for Drupal's strengths in the areas of UX and design, particular when it comes to serving the type of website users (of whom I fear there are too many) who expect to be fed and sold to, rather than treating the web as a research tool requiring diligence and skill.

John_B 2 October, 2012 - 00:00

DrupalCon São Paulo down our throats

Newsflash: it was not shoved down our throats. To tell the truth, it didn't involve a lot of the community, but that's a story of our own: we are finally tying up as a community in Brazil, starting to show up at our neighbors' Drupal Camps, throwing several camps a year and stuff. Last year we met Dries at LatinoWare for our Drupal Summit Latino and it really meant a lot — it was the only Camp in Brazil for years!

So, we are really glad Dries and the DA helped get our communit rolling again. It was a plea by some in the community that finally got DCSP to be scheduled, although it was too hasty and definitely not embraced by the whole of the community. Mostly, again, because there was no actual community by the time the planning started. However, all of us were, every single one of us, thoroughly excited about DCSP and we were sure to gather in São Paulo to greet the international community (that decided to show up).

We are now planning stuff together and will do our best to show up at Drupal Summit Latino Ecuador and support Drupal Picchu, while trying to have a national camp at Rio soon. Our internal issues will get sorted out and we will probably host a DrupalCon one day.

Capi Etheriel 8 October, 2012 - 16:17

3 sides to every story

Its great that you didn't see it as being showed down your throats, i dont expect everyone to share my view & off course there will be different opinions to storys :)
I do though keep my criticism in trying to put a drupalcon in an area that lacks a local community to back it up. Its events that need local backing & some kind of experience in this. a couple of successful camps & then theres actually a thing to build upon.

When stuff fails theres nothing else to do than pick up the pieces & move on with the dreams and build something amazing - and if this whole DCSP incident will end up in building a strong base for the brazilian community thats pretty fantastic.

Nothing beats building up that thing thats bigger than the code we all bust ass for getting better: The personal relationships between us :)

Rock on \m/

mortendk 8 October, 2012 - 18:23

Apprenticeship, crafts and guilds

As far as my side of the story goes, the DA was mislead by a member of the Brazilian community who would rather throw a DrupalCon on top of the gone-missing Brazilian community than leave it to rot. And as far as I can tell, he acted on good faith.

But if the DCSP did no harm to our community (besides the sour taste of almost hosting the awesomest event of our community), the Drupal Summit Latino at Foz do Iguaçu, organized by our own South American community and partially sponsored by the DA did get our community rolling. Thanks DA.

And btw the king of the north is welcome in South America. Bring some stickers (my girlfriend bugged me for one) and learn cuss words in new (and ancient) languages.

Capi Etheriel 8 October, 2012 - 18:36

Never mind last comment's title

It's from an old comment of mine. Damn chrome's history autocomplete.

Capi Etheriel 8 October, 2012 - 18:37

i wanna learn all the curses :)

i wanna learn all the curses!
And kinda glad it didn't all burned down ;) so there is a little love in south america

Dude send me you adress and ill post a bunch!

mortendk 8 October, 2012 - 19:34

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