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18 September 2012 mortendk

Its now time for the yearly election of 2 Drupal Community members to step on the Drupal Association board - Heres a quick n dirty run down & is why you have to vote: It has been decided that if you DONT vote for the Drupal Associations Community members you are not allowed for the next year to complain, moan or cry over anything Drupal related - If you do vote you have that right!

if you dont vote for the Drupal Associations Board you are not allowed for the next year to complain over Drupal - If you do vote you have that right ;)

--- update
19 september: the so ever awesome @lindsayogden have a recording of the first meet the candidates:
IRC log: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/DA-MeetCandidates1.txt
the last 25 minuts of the talk: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/%2B15595461301%20on%202012-09-18%20at%201...

Okay so inside of the mighty Drupal, there is the Drupal Association(DA) and they have a board where clever people are placed (the Dries, webchick etc) The board take all kinds of decisions, when do we have Drupalcon's, What are we using the money on, making sure that the Drupal.org servers are running, and that nobody does fuckery with the GPL licensing, and all kinds of other fun things, running an Office over in portland etc.

So, to make sure that the DA dont loose completely touch with the Drupal community, there are 2 seats at the board for “community at-large” members/ directors whatever.
The rest of the boards members are appointed by a committee (which I'm not gonna come into here)
That means 2 people that are to be the “voice of the Drupal community” Come with input, show alternative points to the other members, keep a ear to the ground, and make a little noise if certain aspects are forgotten like “Hey yo don't put a Drupalcon in August in Europe, its still summer holiday, we cant build a buzz & france is btw closed”

Now its that time of year, its time to find two new “People of the Community” (hey it sounds a little bit more sexy, than “Drupal Association At Large Directors nominations”

The DA have asked community members to step forward, if they had the skills & something to bring to the board. 18 brave Souls took that step, and now ready to be counted!

What a list of candidates, its a pretty bad ass list if i may say so! That is pretty goddamn Awesome :)


The list of the 18 Brave souls all grouped into reagions & added countries to the europeans so its a bit easier to figure out where we are from & the all link to the candidate page, so go check em out:


Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen - (mortendk) Dennmark <-thats me :)
Bert Boerland - (bertboerland) Holland
Pedro Cambra - (pcambra) Spain
Floh Klare - (SirFiChi) Germany
Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire - (horncologne) Germany
Steve Purkiss - (stevepurkiss) England
Valery Lourie - (valthebald) Isreael


Simon Hobbs - (sime)
Chris Ward - (chrischinchilla)
Steven De Costa - (starl3n)
Aimee Maree Forsstrom - (amaree)

United States & Canada

Todd Tomlinson - (toddtomlinson) US
J. Matthew Saunders - (MatthewS) US Westminster
Narayan Newton - (nnewton) Portland
David Stoline - (dstol) Bethesda
Joseph Bachana - (joebachana) New York
Jeremy Thorson - (jthorson) Canada
Forest Mars - (forestmars) New York

If you wanna se where they all the candidates are living on a map: http://tiles.mapbox.com/jcnventura/map/map-qt4r3noq

Let me make it very clear I am running for the board, and with a strong desire of being elected! I know that any practical & sane person would have hoped, for a bunch of dupes. No-way! I'm thrilled to see this list. This means that we have a Community that take involvement serious, and if I don't get the peoples vote (sad panda) Then there will be good Men & Women to take on the task of representing the Drupal Community.

Vote for morten :)

You can read my nomination and my opinions on things (i promise its nothing to do with theming or markup) Its all about Drupal Association & the community If you doubt what it is i stand for well you can read into some of the Debates & issues i have rised the last couple of years:
The drupal app store
Drupal app store - That would kill our community
This was a hot potato, but if we take a desission we must do it with open eyes.
the Drupalcon Session Voting policy When it was clearly a waste of time & resources having votes for sessions at Drupalcon. Nobody had the stones to start this discussion & let status Quo rule, based on this the Drupalcon in Munich desided not to have Votes for the sessions & guess what, nobody complained cause the selection was done by competent people in the community that we all can trust.

The DrupalCOC
that started as an Political Correctness ruleset based on all that is not allowed" & was turned into a great result that enforced the positive values we have in the community (many many hours discussing back n forth over the pond)
- i must warn you - this is a dogfight over a couple of days with 200+ comments & a lot of anger in it, but now that im stepping forward i think its importent that if you vote for me you know what my values are:
The First Draft - where things exploded
My answer to 1 draft
Final Draft that is a piece of beaty

2nd rate citizens
Speaking out for those that dont have much & are not students
I got a little bit tired of the auto pilot: "if youre a student we wanna help you" but if you not - you probably makes a fortune, so sorry no help for those that dropped outta school, just started own companies etc. Im still a firm beliver in Equality

Vote for the other candidates!

Actually, besides of seeing myself as a huge benfit for the DA - I am so confident in all the candidates have common goal: “Make Drupal Better” - but its what that “make drupal better” means, and the abilities & background each candidate comes with to serve the Community best that you must decide.
Who are most suited for helping the Drupal Association keeping an ear to the ground in the community - If you cant figure out who to vote on, i can help you out ;)

Come and meet us all

The next week all the nominated candidates are gonna be (i hope) be available on IRC for talking, so you can get a chance to meet the 18 Brave Souls.
Hopefully its gonna be more than a popularity contest so swing by and ask away. Its good for the candidates & its good for the community and see if you can get the candidates to promise you obscure things: “Can i Get a pony, if i vote for you morten - yes off course you can fingers crossed

Session 1
8pm Tues 18 Sep UTC
1pm Tues 18 Sep US Pacific Time
6am Wed 19 Sep Aus Eastern Time
IRC log: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/DA-MeetCandidates1.txt
the last 25 minuts of the talk: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/%2B15595461301%20on%202012-09-18%20at%201...

Session 2
8pm Wed 19 Sep UTC
1pm Wed 19 Sep US Pacific Time
6am Thu 20 Sep Aus Eastern Time

Session 3
10am Thu 20 Sep UTC
3am Thu 20 Sep US Pacific Time
8pm Thu 20 Sep Aus Eastern Time

Session 4
10am Fri 21 Sep UTC
3am Fri 21 Sep US Pacific Time
8pm Fri 21 Sep Aus Eastern Time

Its all on the mighty IRC, cause thats where the cool kids are hanging: "#drupal-association" on freenode if you not so keen on irc char clients use the Web interface: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=drupal-association
More about all this over here: https://association.drupal.org/election2013-update

When can you vote

The voting is from 24 september - 7 october 2 weeks of twitter mayhem ;)
When the “meet you candidates” sessions are over then its time for the actual voting - and maybe give the candidates a quick read again. The voting period will run for 2 weeks
so theres enough time for everybody to go and vote for the 2 community representive - That is gonna be a fun time on twitters, ooh my, theres probably gonna be a storm of "pretty please vote for me"

Now Who can vote?

Anybody that have an Drupal.org account, that have been active the last 12 months can vote - the account have to be created before 31 August So if thats you, you have the right to vote (Can you feel the responsibility pressures on you shoulders)

How are the voting done?

The voting is done with instant runoff / alternative vote method
I'm not gonna get into if this is good or bad, that an issue that those who got the hots for procedure can go on for hours, Its how the DA have decided it to be - so for now thats how it is.

But the concept is this To vote for your favorite you give that person 1, you next one 2 and so forth.
So as long as you remember that in front of Morten you put 1, you're gonna be on the safe side - trust me - would i lie ;)

Check out this video :

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA3_t-08Vr0
or read up on
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting

Why you must vote!

Well if you vote you get the right to bitch n moan over the Drupal Association for the next year - How about that! If you don't vote you have no right to any bitching n moaning not even in the issueque ;) Thats the rules, sorry so you better be ready, else theres no complaining over Drupal the next year!

Btw keep and eye on #votedrupal on ze twitters, so you know when the campaign wagon drives through you part of the interwebs

Can’t Decide - who should i vote on? go and read the candidates then go vote, again in doubt: morten: 1

May the best Dane win!


Can we all have unicorns if we vote for you Morten?

Anthony 18 September, 2012 - 14:26

Pony upgrade!

offcourse there will be an upgrade to the pony : Unicorns!

mortendk 18 September, 2012 - 15:19

pony upgrade

screw that.. I want a Dragon!

markie 18 September, 2012 - 17:05

Great post

Morten, thanks for encouraging everyone and good luck.


Anonymous 18 September, 2012 - 22:44

but offcourse

This is an importent election the Drupal association needs the community, more than ever, to come and help em, so if I can help out pushing it forward - then its a duty for me :)

mortendk 19 September, 2012 - 00:24


Thanks for the post, although it was kinda hard to follow with all the pirate talk, the general idea is solid!

Alex 19 September, 2012 - 00:58

what's wrong with yer

what's wrong with your english? it's not even readable.

Anonymous 19 September, 2012 - 01:43

its speak like a pirate day matey!

and that should be known by all on the seven seas of Drupal!

mortendk 19 September, 2012 - 05:07
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