Drupaldag wrapup

5 October 2009 mortendk
thoughts and notes from the first Drupaldag in the rainy city Copenhagen

We had the first #drupaldag this weekend in copenhagen - and must say it went pretty cool.
Its awesome that we now can arrange small events that dont need any planning at all, and we still have 50 + people showing up and participating - and the weather sucker more than usual danish fall weather - Twitter is pretty cool for doing that.

The day ran with 2 tracks - a noob track, that tried slowly to get some of the newbees into all the cool drupal stuff and a 13:37 track where we showcased all kinds of coolness: morten wullffs debuggin was pretty cool, I got some tough love for the mothership, The danish translation process, Panels 3 (that we compared to using a chainsaw - its a powerfull tool, but dont bring it to the kindergarden) and i yet again ran my Theming Rant "all You xhtml are belong to us".

Besides the sessions and workshops that ran throughout the day, we had a long talk about the Danish Drupal Association and where we wanna bring it, and how we see a non profit organization in a world of profit.
One of the thoughts that came out of the sessions was that we should have a professional index on the site. So companies that are looking for hired drupal help in denmark, actually can find it. So expect to see some new stuff on the site in the near future.

The Drupalcon & the Drupalcamps made it into the final sessions, where the working group laid out the frames for how we wanna have the conference and got a brainstorm session up and running, and we made plans of how not to implode if it should happen that were not gonna get Drupalcon 2010 of 2011. We have the DrupalCamp copenhagen (and maybe soon another on in the other end of the country - go Jutland!) - that will be used ether as a drupalcon test, or just beefed up even harder, than before. - ooh and jesper wøldiche stepped into the ranks, with his 5 years of the roleplaying con planning (Fastaval a 500+ nerdy con) - im actually scared when people are throwing good ideas out into the open quicker than me :P - and a roleplaying con with its own tv station & newspaper...wtf! (and statistics of how much people are eating etc)

The last idea that came on the table is to begin having "code days" aka KodeDag a regular meetup where we can meet and code around, and get inputs to our code. This would especially cool for me so I can get some developers to spank my code, and to teach some devs. about our wonderfull world as themers (and why display:none is the chicken way)- yup i know what happend to waging war against all non themers? ;)
This would be a good way to build a bridge over to the swedish community, and the good old geeks Rocks malmö (and they are swedes so they use the heavy metal ümloud pretty much)

Drupalcon, drupaldag, Drupalcamp & kode dag ... pheeeew - we have some exciting times ahead of us :P

hippie geeks!

Oh and besides that I even got interviewed for a danish communication podcast K cast: Hippiegeeks so if you wanna hear my talk about Love, Drupal and Lego's in danish - This is your chance.

But all in all a pretty good day, and we got some good stuff covered :)
... one thing though am I blind or dont the typo3, Wordpress & Mambo people do meetups ? cause we should play together (or at least take a fussball game about the copenhagen leadership in open source ;)

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Sounds über! Looking forward

Sounds über! Looking forward to some coding meetups :)

Regarding the Wordpress guys - here in sweden they are planning on having their first camp in Stockholm in the beginning of next year I think. I've been pushing for them to do something together with the swedish drupal guys but so far unsuccessfully.

Would be fun to bring all us open source CMS:ers together in one über multi-track weekend to learn more about the others and our own strengths and weaknesses.

Pelle 5 October, 2009 - 21:15

yup exactly

I really enjoyed the asswhiping the danish WP's did at the drupalcamp in may in copenahgen - it was fun and rude and showed us what were doing wrong :)

The idea of coding meetups would just make sence, a saturday or sunday and figure out a project to go nuts in - or what we could figure out, maybe make it a copenhagen - malmö thing? shift back & forward.

the idea of bringing the Drupal, Word Presss, Typo3 , Joomla together at one camp is a thing we have been talking about doing sometime - it could be really fun :)

mortendk 5 October, 2009 - 21:45


Regarding the Wordpress guys - here in sweden they are planning on having their first camp in Stockholm in the beginning of next year I think. I've been pushing for them to do something together with the swedish drupal guys but so far unsuccessfully.

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