DrupalPicchu 2014

27 September 2012 mortendk

I cant keep my admiration for the South American Drupal Community down! Both my arms are in the air. The reaction of the cancelation of DrupalCon Sao Paulo is to take matters into own hands, and setting sails for a 500-1000 attendees South American Drupal Event: DrupalPicchu in January 2014 “To celebrate the freedom and cultural diversity of the Drupal Community.”

I am pretty sure that any other parts of our fine Drupal community’s would have rolled around on its back and given up in sheer frustration, with a cancelation like Sao Paulo 2 weeks ago. Im pretty sure that would have happend in copenhagen 2010, if the the same have happend… Apparently that is not how its done in South America!

DrupalCommunity FTW!

Now while DrupalCon Sydney are fired up with an epic start and pushing the first 100 tickets in a (almost) record breaking 8 hours. (goddamn!) - then on the other side of the world:
Nick Vidal is announcing on g.d.o:
“The Drupal Latin Community is ready and committed to organize an international event. The cancellation of DrupalCon Sao Paulo by the Drupal Association was very frustrating and the community wants to show to the world that it has the power and the will to organize an event like this. We have many experienced community leaders, and Drupal events are popping up in Latin America at an incredible rate. We must foster this momentum and energy and take it to the next level! With your help, we can make it happen!”

I have been asked to help out as an “international organizer” Probably based on my frustration of Sao Paulo & maybe a little bit based on my experience & “knowhow” of the Drupal Community, well that is what i like to belive. The truth is probably that I cant shutup and make way to much noise, that can be used to spread the word ;)

Anyways that shall not hold me back for doing exactly that! Finding the helmet, sharping the axe & and jumping on the finest boat that sails the Drupal seven seas!
Into battle! For what I have advocated for and truly belive is the right way to build up our Communities on international level - slowly & based on the “regions” needs.

So check out the the DrupalPicchu announcement

If you are interested in sponsoring dont hold back!

And yes im looking forward to see the website go online the day Sao Paulo should have been: December 8 2012.

Seriously How great is the Drupalcommunity? Pretty goddamn awesome imho :)

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