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22 February 2011 mortendk

Today My Fantastic daughter is 1 year old!
- im for once lost for words, this is bigger than anything else.
Its a year since she came to life here in copenhagen 13 weeks premature, in what was without a doubt the most extreme days of my life ever (not to mention the GF) it changed something(s) in me radically - for the better I hope*

The Status for my princess is that she's doing absolutely amazing! we went through the first year without any problems at all yup none nil nada :) no one what so fucking ever! It actually feels surreal when I look at the images & video i have of here from the first 3 months in the hospital, and looking at her now, and not to forget how hard prematures can have it the first couple of years.
Not with this one, I have always taken pride in being a tough little that could get take whatever hit me, bah I am nothing (n o t h i n g) compared to Freya - guess I was right when I insisted on giving her the most powerful name I could find in the Viking Mythology.

The Blanket of geek Love & a Tshirt that made me cry..

I hope that yall understands how much I appreciate this every day.
Hope someday i can return the favour!
Needless to say why i use so much time around the drupal community now right - that amount of Love needs to be returned !

me and nonsie sewing patches together for freya's blanket

Drupal community supports Freya

Dries and FreyaRocks t-shirt

Morten & Freya

square i knit for freya's quilt

Your daughter Freya is

Your daughter Freya is beautiful, god bless her...

cv templates

Todd Gold 13 September, 2011 - 14:27

Your daughter Freya is

Your daughter Freya is beautiful, god bless her...

cv templates

Todd Gold 13 September, 2011 - 14:28

Girls are always sweet and

Girls are always sweet and are the princess of parents.
Freya is doing great and you are lucky parents.

Pressure cleaning parkland

Anonymous 29 September, 2011 - 07:50
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i went from journey to damn yankees Think i need a beer pretty soon 1 year 48 weeks ago

good Stüff

Mothership - a clean up the crap "theme"

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freya rocks

the progress for my premature daughter can be folllowed here:
Freya Rocks
sorry its in danish

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