Frontend United 2012

11 January 2012 mortendk

The European Drupal Design Camp have now officially changed its name t' "Frontend United"
This time its gonna be th' epic city o' Amsterdam, that will follow up th' last 2 camps in Berlin & Prague
If ye take Amsterdam add a little Drupal & put some Frontend Love on top - What can then possible go wrong?
Book April 20 - 22 in ye calender now - its gonna be fantastic. more info on

Frontend what not bounty?

Theres been talked a lot about th' "Design movement" in Drupal, an' what we (...) figured out it wasnt th' right name & actually cause confusion about what were bein' actually happenin' at th' Design camp - The Design name were bein' kinda what we were as a group were called by those that dont work in th' frontend, unless they be driven t' it with a pitch fork.
Fire the cannons, Ya swabbie!
At th' last camp in Berlin, it were bein' noticed by several Developers that:
* We didnt sit in a circle an' talkin' bout colors & feelin's
* we did not hate on php or "real" development
* We did indeed focus on th' theme api
* thar were bein' only some bitchin' about complicated settin's & drupals usual way
* There were bein' a lot o' talk about th' technical side o' implementin' Design in Drupal
* Very little talk about actual "bounty"

So all in all thar were bein' more action aroun' th' code & how t' configure & use th' right modules & themes t' get th' job done, how t' move t' th' next level with html5,sass & less etc, Avast me hearties, Get out of me rum!
So it really didnt gave any meanin' t' keep use th' name "Drupal Design Camp" - when its anythin' from Design t' fiddelin' o'er a tag t' UX principels. Besides o' all th' logical reasons (unitin' th' frontend experience in drupal yadi yadi yadi) "Frontend United" sounds pretty cool & if ye know any Drupalistas feelin's when Drupal dosn't give em th' sweet love - but its a kick in th' nutsack & wrap in (another) 3 div's, it not unheard o' that th' words "F U Drupal" is mumbled durin' th' process.

What can ye expect.

t' put it short Everythin' from HTML5, css3 buzzword based super themin', t' heated debates about th' wonders o' LESS & SASS (go #teamsass), UX showoff, Design talks & offcourse be aroun' th' brightest minds in th' Drupal Themin', bounty & ux community, me Jolly Roger What ye cant expect is anyone who understands what ye mean when ye say that nginx be way more epic than apache 2, or why vim is better than emacs ... i think ;)

Keep in touch

Signup fer th' maillist or follow @frontendunited t' keep up with th' conference - ye now its gonna be more than epic .., ya bilge rat, pass the grog! i mean what can possible go wrong ;)

we: jesper @woeldic, Marek @sotak, Bert @bertboerlan', Isabell @murgeys, th' Drupal Association, & th' "secret EUropean Drupal Network" be extremely proud t' add another layer on top o' th' amazin' number o' Drupal events in 2012!

me im just thrilled t' be a part o' it - so FU Drupal, were gonna Rock 2012 :)
twitter: @frontendunited
Facebook event page

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