Post DC/DC blues

15 March 2009 mortendk

Now a week after one hell of a week with the drupal elite in washington DC - wow what a week -
Drupalcon are more like rock festival than a nerd gettogether with out the tents and way to many shitty bands (and yeah offcourse i miss at least 4 of the sessions)

The Frankenstein monster session at DC/DC

This was my 6 Drupalcon since i went to brussels a couple of years ago, and to say it nicely WTF! 1300 - 1400 drupal lovers in one place! - we were 200 in brussels and i thought wow were many who wanna share the drupal love, boy we surely have grown.

My session "How to control a frankenstein monster and maintain it" went pretty well (I was so goddamn nervous) somewhere between 2-300 people actually showd up to se me trying to rock a session like a rock star - im not really sure if people are coming to hear me ranting about theming or just to se what crazy shit i have came with this time: hot male strip and frankenstein monsters.
But at least my points came through about getting on the D6 train, and all the shit were going through as sexy themers - and it was good to have another session than the Sex Drupal & Rock n Roll - and not trying to break the guiness (!) world record in amount of fuck in one sentence. I have some ideas i will try another time.

But the geeks were pleased, and i even got them to giving me the Horns \m/ - how geek metal is that!

As usual I totally failed to post my slides after my session - but they are in the attachments.

Besides of my ego stuff, there was alot of sessions i really wanted to see, but i missed goddamn all of em - instead i did the whole "standing and talking with people in the hallway "stuff. But hey something really cool came out of that...

oh and the überrocking video crew even taped me so lean back end watch do commercial suicide

I got a new Crown

The good people of DC thought that our social scene was really important so to coordinate the stuff they thought I needed another crown... and put me in charge of that stuff - because i know DC like my own backpocket. Okay it was not that hard, just figuring out where the parties were each night - and make sure everyone knows where its at. - im still not sure why other people thinks that my ego can handle this stuff ;)
So as a sacrifice(...) for the community I took my hot hot hot girlfriend with me and went for a week of vacation in DC and check out a ton of good bars (yup bars not clubs!) and that were goddamn good, and really good to share my traveling with my girl.

The big problem in the states is their ridiculous alcohol law, that dosnt allow anyone under 21 into the bars - wtf? + the thing that they closes everything down at 2 (but thats maybe a good thing when the first sessions are at 9 in the morning) Getting Drupallers together and get them to party isnt that hard - find some alcohol and there will be some hot hot hot geek love... yup im pretty glad there wasnt a stripper pole anywhere near me.
Fortunately (for my crown) other took the whole under 21 & non drinking social scene over so lacer tagging, ice cream hackaton boardgames n stuff it was a really great initiative :) think we should make sure in the future to have lacer tag - or maybe some paintball on the program, so everyones gotta have a good time outside the drupalcon

I hoped i lived up to peoples expectations and were a good king for 4 days - it was a pleasure!

Tshirt Pimp numero uno

Having a DrupalCon in DC meant off course that somebody had to do the DC/DC tshirt, and since nobody else did it - well I had to step up to the plate and get my shit together - found my mastercard, and made 50 custom DC/DC shirts.
wow they were a hit, so i should properly have printed more, but that might happen some day.

Besides of the DC/DC I had the rest of the shirts with me from the drupalCamp copenhagen, and the legendary Jack drupal i sold a bunch of them, but still have some left and there still in DC - so i have to find out a way of getting em home home to dk (ups?) the last of them can still be ordered here or send me a mail will figure something out.

... and for the Rockers out there I have a new Hard Rocking Drupal Tee planned.

The Design & theming Revolution

There wasnt so mutch for us frontend geeks in DC but still some really cool sessions, specially Youngs session rocked about the limits in the theming layer, i off coursed i missed someof embut im gonna catch up on em later
But the really cool thing was when Zen hero john Albin took over a BOF room - which pretty fast led to the Hell yeah We have critical mass :)

The Themer / Designer dinner, how cool it was to finally to talk bout "our problems" instead of hearing bout mysql issues and yadi yadi ;) and we were more than just 10 people who looked good, but hey when youre around mark boulton everything looks good.

So with around 40-50 dedicated frontend geeks we ended up using the code sprint day to talk and debate and find our self and we created a new home: Design for Drupal and it looks like the rest of the community heard us - it was great talking with webchick about what we really wants in D7 - and not what a developer might think we needs - So if you have an oppinion in this - come to our group.

To all you 1400 people who went to DrupalCon in DC thank you for making it such a good experience, thanx to DC drupallers who gave me such a warm welcome and the mighty Bonnie who looked liked she got everything under control - you Rock!
Im allready looking forward to Paris!

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> As usual I totally failed

> As usual I totally failed to post my slides after my session - but they are in
> the attachments.

Really cool presentation! I watched the video and you totally rock as a presenter! It was a bit hard to follow the slides in the video so I wonder if you ended up posting you slides and material somewhere? I don't see an attachment here as mentioned?

Janus 15 March, 2009 - 16:25

the slides are up now

the slides are up now

mortendk 15 March, 2009 - 17:46



Janus 16 March, 2009 - 19:37

King of Denmark

Hey King of Denmark, when are you going to come out and claim your real throne? The crown looks silly if you're just sitting on a bar stool in the corner ;-) So come on now and say it ... "I am the King of Denmark"

Robert Douglass 31 March, 2009 - 22:49


Wow, this is really helpful, wonderful!!!!

Daniel Wiegand ... 5 August, 2009 - 09:35
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