Themer Survey 2014

7 April 2014 mortendk

Dear Themer we the Drupaltwig group need some answers & advice from all of our fellow Drupalistas - We want to make sure that we are creating a theme system that lives up to the wishes of all Drupal8 users - but especially us themers ;)

Recently we changed the theming system from phptemplate to twig. So now is a golden opportunity to fix some of the theming assumptions that have been around for the last 6-10 years in Drupal. The goal in Drupal8 is to make it easier for themers and at the same time keep awesome for the developers and the site builders. We want the best of both worlds!

The Drupaltwig group want to make sure that were on the right track and not making false assumptions about what you want - its completely unofficial, but we will use it as a guideline - and why its called Drupal Theme Surver 2014

Please spread this around to all the themers you know and other good people, Drupal developers, general frontend developer, sitebuilders & maybe even the suits! ...

We want to make sure that we are ending up creating the best possible theme system we can in Drupal8
and we dont end up with a solution that 5-10 elitist Themers want or even worse, a solution nobody actually wants.

So pretty please - with a {{ sugar }} on top : Take the 2014 Themer Survery!

cheers !
Markup Marine mortendk

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good Stüff

Mothership - a clean up the crap "theme"

Miro - a open atrium theme:
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freya rocks

the progress for my premature daughter can be folllowed here:
Freya Rocks
sorry its in danish

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