This is what the Drupal Association needs

24 September 2012 mortendk

Its time fer th' electin' th' 2 members that can help th' Drupal Association as they asked: … th' community is asked t' step in with strategic direction an' new an' fresh ideas through th' nomination an' election o' at-large community representatives. In th' last 6 years o' hard community work ive gathered ideas & concepts that I truly belive will help th' Associaition forward. Dont worry I am not gonna talk politics, Im keepin' this t' what th' Association asked fer & what th' Community needs: Ideas & strategy that brin's us t' th' next level: In a nutshell th' DA need t' be relevant t' its members, fix th' transparency issues & become an international organization.

Let me get t' work & put me on th' Board fer th' Drupal Association! th' DA needs a strong voice from th' community an' somebody that can get shit done!
You can read th' presentation o' me candidature + see all kinds o' questions t' me concepts & ideas on th' a.d.o
This is th' braindump o' some o' th' concepts, please discuss & comment - this is t' importent t' limit t' a simple Votin' fer a board.

Be relevant fer th' community

Why would anyone become a member o' th' DA unless theres a good reason fer it, yo ho, ho th' DA isnt “really” relevant fer th' Drupalistas, even that they do run servers, plans huge events(“huh does th' DA runs”) an' whatever else thats not visible in th' Drupalsphere - We can choose t' be frustraded by that or look at how we can strengthen th' connection t' th' community that we be so proud o'. Lets get some love in betwixt th' Association & th' members.

International org, easy baby!

Build an international structure, that can come in used no matter if ye wanna do a local camp, find like minded, build more business, or plan a 5000 attendess Drupalcon, its all relationships an' thats whats makes Drupal work: th' community.

In rought sketches th' organtational structure would be alittle like this:
Local -> Regional -> Continent -> World :
Local (user groups fx Copenhagen, manchester)
Country (countrys & states: Denmark, New York)
Region (scandinavia, Europe, North west pacific…)
World (Drupal Association)

local group & switchboard

When a new member signs up lets make sure they know whats goin on: a Welcome mail t' th' new member containin' relevant info: user group’s , local contact persons date, list o' upcomin' events in th' region etc, that will make new members feel welcome & have a place t' go an' geek out with other Drupalistas.


The regions is where we look at th' bigger picture, what be th' needs & what can be done, t' strenghten that area. fx “Theme specific events”: “Drupal Developer Days”, Design Camp, Business meetup Nort englan' etc, on a dead man's chest!
By havin' th' DA t' facilitate th' events (th' COD, that be runnin' th' DrupalCons today) Workin' with th' community it layes th' groundwork fer Future bigger events, The regional community works together & learns eachothers strenghts & weaknesses.

Now we have an international structure, with simple communication structures, that would make even th' boyscouts proud.


Drupalcons be great events, I have said it before an' will repeat it as many times it can: “Its th' heartbeat o' th' Community” We have gone from a pure local planned events t' a professional structure, lets remember what made th' auld events great & add that on top o' th' professional conferences we have now, ya bilge rat, pass the grog!
Drupalgangers needs some love again, we know th' boyfriends, girlfriends, minnows & parents be thar, why did we forget them? Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! Buildin' on top o' th' Regional groups, it gets easy t' figure out whos comin' & communicate it out, by Blackbeard's sword.

Afterhours hangout
DrupalCons be more than sessions + wifi + chairs!
I have learned that its not just a place we drink a beer afterwards - Its where we build th' relationships, but lets not forget those o' our comunity members that be not so loud, an' dont have a need t' party all night -make sure they be not forgotten, by Blackbeard's sword! This isnt a thin' that cost dubloons, but it needs some plannin' from th' local group an' willingness from th' Drupal Associaiton. By addin' th' social part back on th' agenda, Its like 8 hours o' more DrupalLove each day, at th' cost o' zero!

Drupalcamp box

The biggest issue fer a DrupalCamp (besides o' gettin' a Venue & findin' a date + speakers) be those small thin's, that we always forgets: Name badges, Programs, posters, lanyard, Drupal Stickers, DA membership flyers. The DA should provide this t' th' members, call in an' order th' “DrupalCampBoxOfEpicAwesomeness”: 2 weeks later ye have th' 200 nametags, lanyards, tshirts stickers etc, thar now th' Camp looks supercool without havin' t' hunt fer designers & Drupal Looks good t' th' outside.

DrupalCamp Design & site buildin'.

The 2md biggest issue fer th' camps, besides o' all th' points above ;) is th' hostin' & th' Design o' th' campsite, thar is an initiative that be workin' on makin' drupal pretty, but thats just a part o' it. th' DA have allready put in all th' resources fer th' DrupalCons that be runnin' on COD - It could be o' great benefit t' th' local groups if that solution got shared with our local groups, shave off time fer plannin' & make events even better.

We dont always have t' invent th' wheel, when initiatives in th' community takes form into somethin' great, we should not close our eyes t' it, instead embrase th' intiatives an' make it better fer us all. A HardRockin' Event mapshould be easy accessible from d.o. Its simple low hangin' fruit, but look at how much value it could give us, All Hands Hoay!

Transparency issues

Angie @webchick asked me at th' candidate page what me ideas were bein' fer makin' th' DA transparent, its a lot o' text & ideas an' im sure yer already tired in ye head, heres a quick sum:

  • Make it easy t' understan' what th' DA does
  • Make th' Drupal association Board members visible
  • Make th' staff visible
  • Set th' agenda an' take discussions about th' hard issues in th' open
  • Do tell why thin's be as they be (ticket pries etc)

Meet th' scallywags! th' DA needs better communication & listen t' th' community, not more Board members thats sittin' in th' big castle in Portlan' (I hope thar is a castle) Its all about communication & buildin' trust.

In a year Dude ?

This will “likely” take more than a year t' complete, but that problem we can talk about in a year, by Blackbeard's sword! or at th' next camp im gonna be presentin' “how & why th' Drupal Association is Rockin' hard” Happy Votin' an' lets share th' ideas & movoe forward, we have all deserved a more open dialog o' where we wanna see Drupal in th' future, an' that is from th' beautiful code t' th' decisions that defines our culture

The King of Denmark calls us a "A HardRocking Event map" = WIN!

We would welcome it if we can make a contribution so techniques/ideas/bounty o' drupical t' get it into d.o, avast.
There be some diskussions goin' on...
Input an' pushers be welcome :)

I am lookin' forward fer th' next year o' Drupal Association operations, ya bilge rat!

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Hey 11 May, 2013 - 19:50

The Drupal Association

The Drupal Association fosters an' supports th' Drupal software project, th' community an' its growth by: maintainin' th' hardware an' software infrastructure o' an' other community sites, empowerin' th' Drupal community, protectin' th' binary options GPL source code o' th' Drupal project, organizin' an' promotin' worldwide events (see DrupalCon), an' communicatin' th' benefits o' Drupal

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