Fieldset & Legend Behave!

11 February 2010 mortendk 12 comments

The fieldset-legend tag is a legendary (rimshot) problem for webdesigners.
Its just that its a major pain in the ass to work with - the good thing about it is that it at least make sence for the usability nerds. But for a designer its a royale pain in the ass to look as you want it -unless you think that the outta the box fieldset-legend combination looks awesome.

Awesomeness redefined: Drupal 7 Theming

13 November 2009 mortendk 16 comments

Last time the king of denmark was here in stockholm 40 nobles were decapitated. Now I had the opportunity to present the new Drupal 7 theme layer at the Drupal Stockholm, and that will cost 40 modules their head. The 2. Bloodbath in stockholm: drupal 7 theming ;)

Themers Toolbox #2: browser hell

26 October 2009 mortendk 3 comments

how nice it would be if there was only one browser ... ooh well if they all just worked our life would be so much easier but then what should we tell warstories about around the candlefire?

Heres the second part of the Themers toolbox a bunch of infomation that i signed up to collect for the Design For Drupal group

a Themers toolbox # 1

12 October 2009 mortendk 13 comments
The first part of my Themers toolbox today im gonna look at a ton of Modules + some starter theme

You dont need a bass (or a guitar) to be a badass rockstar Drupal front end developer aka a themer.
To be imortalized forever and get more groupies than nikki sixx, you need some cool stuff, besides of black hair color, tatoos & cheesy songs about coding all night ;)

$links the garbage can of node.tpl

28 September 2009 mortendk 25 comments
A tale of about my hatred to $links and how i almost came to live with it, after i ate my own dog food.

As you may know theres ways to view all the wonderful elements that is hidden inside node.tpl files, and how you can find em' by using the nerdy module:
Devel module. Its an alpha omega module.

typekit is awesöme

24 September 2009 mortendk 10 comments
Yesterday i got my code for typekit and it is übercool
ooh yeah baby

so this is just a quick guide to get the typekit to work on you drupalsite, cause theres some small problems:

First get an account

I got my 5 invites and they are already claimed :/ - but now that i pushed mine to other drupal nerds i really hope that they send em further down the system to other drupal "frontender(s)" - yup were kinda trying to kill the term "Themer"

Devel a themers hidden treasure

19 September 2009 mortendk 17 comments
its speak like a pirate day, so lets look at a hidden theming trasure.
jespers cool pirate version of my bulldog

At my session "All your HTML are belong to us" at drupalcon Paris I asked about how many people used the "Devel" module, I thought that was a no-brainer, but much to my surprise only around 25% marked that they knew the module. That could ether be because they all were sleeping...

open Atrium theme: miro

10 September 2009 mortendk 36 comments
Had to clean my mind - so i played around with the open Atrium system, and kinda throwed together a little new theme

Update: released version 0.5 with loads of visual improvements ... and no this is not tested on IE - this is a hobby project right now, so its ment to be fun ;)

DC/DC here i come

20 February 2009 mortendk 3 comments
My Swag is packed !

Drupalcon DC is starting in a week, so I have packed all the swag I could find at the office, and now im ready to rock DC

Tshirt Galore

I will bring the last of the tshirts - so come by me and by one, support the update :)

The CSS moshpit - a non bloated gridbased css drupal theme

20 January 2009 mortendk 10 comments
Getting my theme stuff together once and for all

Now 2 days after the Drupalcamp in Cologne (which was "fielspass" <- see i kinda learned some german), I sat down and took a hard look at my old custom basetheme and thought about:
* Should get on the bandwagon of grid based css frameworks?
* getting accessibility done right -ya know title & content in top of the page menus in the buttom
* make sure that i can use this for any design a client comes with (both grid and nongrid designs)
* .. and clean up the last bit of crap that was floating around.
* and how can I give stuff back to the people!


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good Stüff

Mothership - a clean up the crap "theme"

Miro - a open atrium theme:
more info & comments

freya rocks

the progress for my premature daughter can be folllowed here:
Freya Rocks
sorry its in danish

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