Frontend United copenhagen 2014

15 August 2014 mortendk

Welcome back from your summer vacation. Now its time to get out of the sun, and get indoors and geeking out!
Its gonna be the fifth time for Frontend Drupal Badass'es that we gather and discuss & talk Drupal Frontend. We have done this since 2010 (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London) and now its time for the bike loving city of copenhagen to again host a little Drupal Event.

Language, Twitter, Misunderstanding & Drupal Community

13 June 2014 mortendk 116 comments

At Drupalcon in Austin I took on the mechanical bull. I ended up losing miserably. Not surprisingly, it was recorded and sent out to the world. Because of my epic fail on the bull, one of my friends in Sweden (I’m Danish) afterwards called me out on Twitter with the #drupalcon hashtag and called me a “pussy".

Drupal8 theme debug

11 April 2014 mortendk 3 comments

I would lie (and would i lie to you ?) if it say that im not extremely excited about theming in Drupal8. One the bigger painpoints in Drupal theming is figuring out where the markup is generated from. In Drupal8 we have build that directly in, i did a little screencast of it & damn its awesome.

Themer Survey 2014

7 April 2014 mortendk

Dear Themer we the Drupaltwig group need some answers & advice from all of our fellow Drupalistas - We want to make sure that we are creating a theme system that lives up to the wishes of all Drupal8 users - but especially us themers ;)

fields theming in Drupal8, kill the divitis

1 April 2014 mortendk

I finally got to take a long & hard look at fields and why they have so much divitis + a solution of how to change it for Drupal8. It ended up beeing a ton of markup & css examples on a flat html page
take a look please provide feedback, here or on the issue or at my twitter etc.

DC Prague Community summit & Future of Drupal Events.

30 August 2013 mortendk 2 comments
Im crazy excited about a specific change that DrupalCon is rolling out this year in Prague : The Community Summit on monday 23 september the day before DrupalCon (same time as the Codesprint & CxO)

The Drupal Community & the Druapl Association ( wtf! ) is taking a tough but necessary decision: kill the community track at DrupalCon - replace it with something that works.

Dear Drupal Association

30 September 2012 mortendk 16 comments

Dear Drupal Association - you do know that I love you, but i have to get this off my chest. I have been critical, shouted, pleaded,cried, demanded, wished and I once (almost) gave up! I have tried all the ways I could to open up you eyes. Even that i disagree with so many things you do - Im still loving you.

You have done good!

DrupalPicchu 2014

27 September 2012 mortendk 34 comments

I cant keep my admiration for the South American Drupal Community down! Both my arms are in the air. The reaction of the cancelation of DrupalCon Sao Paulo is to take matters into own hands, and setting sails for a 500-1000 attendees South American Drupal Event: DrupalPicchu in January 2014 “To celebrate the freedom and cultural diversity of the Drupal Community.”

This is what the Drupal Association needs

24 September 2012 mortendk 32 comments

Its time for the electing the 2 members that can help the Drupal Association as they asked: … the community is asked to step in with strategic direction and new and fresh ideas through the nomination and election of at-large community representatives. In the last 6 years of hard community work ive gathered ideas & concepts that I truly beliv

Tonight on Meet the candidates!

19 September 2012 mortendk 59 comments

Tonight at 22:00 CET im gonna be at “meet the candites” call, where you can ask me and my fellow 5 candidates all the things you wanna know. Fx. why each of us will be perfect candidates as the Communitys Voice on the Drupal Associations board, or who makes the best coffe or whatever.

No seriously you should drop by the call and listen in.

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