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the ghost build is up and running

Fri, Apr 26, 2024

After a weekish of playing around im got a pretty good feel of how ghost is working its not perfect, and a few things drives me batty (you guessed it its about controlling markup) But it do a ton of the heavylifting for a membership based newssite with comments & newsletters.
A statup theme is in the making


Mon, Apr 08, 2024

got curious and wanted to see how Ghost is working install it on pikapods.
Its an interesting platform for publications
So now its the usual fun setup on local, can i hook it up to git, how do i push visual changes, what can be done from the editors experience, can we build a design / frontend that makes it work for a project
Well so far so good its local installed gonna be super interesting to see if how well it can work with 11ty - NERD ON!

wtf cloudflare four-hundo

Fri, Apr 05, 2024

Today to the horror i learned that my lighthouse score was not four-hundo

Aparantly i had set up tracking for webtraffic … huh anyhow i found out how to remove it and kill it with fire /beacon.min.js begone !
remove cloudflare beacon.min.js

DNS trouble 42 minuts of wtf

Mon, Jan 22, 2024

Set a new record today of moving dns and making everything work again, this domain is also used for but apparently somehow 2 weeks ago the mx records dissapeared and now the main dns as well - love is a 4 letter word and so it fuck - anyhow now everything got moved over to cloudflare and is pointed to netlify, and it works

I remember back when this would take “a few days” it felt like pigeons were sending the signal

Also Now i understand the nice silence of spam in my mail box … but also goddamn had a pretty important follow up

Shopify Dont break the admin interface with rendered snippets

Fri, Jan 12, 2024

Im not the smartest man but at least today i figured out how to send settings from a block down to an included snippiet file

{% render 'the-file-in-snippets',
settings: block.settings,
shopify_attributes: block.shopify_attributes %}

Now the attributes can be used so we dont break the layout display

<div {{ shopify_attributes }}>

css variables to tailwindcss controlled by shopifys color

Wed, Sep 06, 2023

Got the change the color in shopifys UI to then create the colors as css variables so i can use them in tailwind

From tailwind.config.js get the designtokens eeem colors

(const colors = require("./tailwind/designToken-color");
module.exports = {
extend: {
colors: colors


module.exports = {
"primary-50": 'rgb(var(--color-primary-50) / <alpha-value>)',

Create a snippet in snippets/cssvariables.liquid

{% style %}
:root {
{% assign color_primary_50 = settings.color_primary | color_lighten: 45 %}
--color-primary-50: {{ color_primary_50.rgb }};
{% endstyle %}

Voila Ready to go

  <div class="bg-primary-50 h-12 w-12"> BAM! </div>

Instagram feed

Wed, Aug 30, 2023

Got my instagram feed to work with no tracking a smooth import from and then using 11ty fetch to make it happen

const EleventyFetch = require("@11ty/eleventy-fetch");

module.exports = async function() {
let url = "[...]";
return EleventyFetch(url, {
duration: "15m", //
type: "json"

Decap updated

Wed, Aug 30, 2023

Decap is begging to move so today i upgraded to the new version 3 on
Gonna wait a few days before im gonna upgrade to the new version just in case ;)

<script src="^3.0.0/dist/decap-cms.js"></script>