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Ghosting & Learning new stuff checklist

Ghosting & Learning new stuff checklist
16. april 2024 15:00
( 04.06.2024 09:37 )

Apparently one cms is just not enough, but then again if you only have a hammer then everything will look like a nail. Over the last 5 years i have been developing sites in:

  • 💧 Drupal 7-8-9 + 10
  • 🟧 Craftcms - amazing dev experience
  • 🛍️ Shopify - hey theres content
  • 💜 Saga11 Cause i wrote it
  • 🫥 WordPress … cause clients

Now it was about time to play with something new Ghost, cause some friends asked me and then you know geek stuff happens…

Heres a little secret: “CMS they all look the same” - and pretty much do the same thing, so now the journey starts with the usual checklist to figure out if its usable for me

Dev + Server + Github

Just to get the basic setup going & spining up an enviroment to play with and burn myself

  • How do i set up a local dev enviroment
  • Integrate with github - cause things will go shitty & i will fuck it up so git- branch - merge - be happy
  • How do i move data from local to server
  • Hosting and moving settings down from server to local
  • Backup - how do i do that

This is just the basics of making everything work, a “quick install” somewhere in the cloud, unless you really dont like your clients or your sanity then figure out how to do backups as well - Dumb stuff will happen
I know its really not sexy but not having to recreate 10 days of config is actually nice ;)

Login, users, adding content - forgetting passwords

The bare basics of getting users in & when they cant remeber the password

  • How do i add/edit/delete users - how do they get their passwords
  • Add content + who can do what
  • users (my self included are idiots) how do i get my reset my password
  • Add some content - get a feel for it and also now we have something to work with

Frontend (the real)

Now the good stuff the frontend - no frontend no website

  • WHat type of template language is it - is there a vscode extension
  • Is there a theme thats stripped down to the bare bones
  • read the docs
  • Make a notepage somewhere (i use notion and bear) where you collect all the things you learn so i dont have to remember later
  • Can i please not use all kinds of “frontend tooling things for modern developers”

Now its just hammering away and in the end … its just some loops with some markup and a few tags in, well thats what i hope for.
My fear as allways is that the system is filled with “we put all this in cause back when we did it was a good idea” a battle i remember way to well back in my Drupal Days

Its gonna be fun to learn ghost 👻 stay tuned, im really gonna try not to dad joke my way around it and ghos… sorry