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Eleventy hub

Eleventy hub
16. november 2022 21:01
( 26.04.2024 13:55 )

The eleventy world is slowly growing a small little flatfile builder is growing with developers that seems to have the same idea of how we want our websites to be with 100% markup control and superfast.

This have also kinda kickstarted my own move back towards the old days when i started back in 1996, when everything was handcoded as flat html & the websites was superduper fast (a ground rule was never over 100kb)

This also got me back into using RSS which is “boomer tiktok” - a simple subscribing so can follow other peoples websites (or mastodon post, youtube videos etc) this is all supercool but if you cant fint other peoples RSS feeds then its kinda meeh

All the big systems (rails, wordpress, drupal) have a planet or hub where t heres a curated list of trusted sources for that community of developers, so it gets easy to follw whats going on

So there for i today create the 11tyHub which is exactly that a list of feeds into one big timeline of eleventy based content

Ah it feels good to nerd out !